Boek "God weeft Goud door elk verhaal"

Book, language: Dutch

author/ auteur: Kirsten Alting

publisher/uitgever: Scholten uitgeverij


Kirsten Alting is a young female, mother and singer. Music has always played a big part in her life, since early days. She sings in multiple gospelchoirs. People encourage her to record a cd. She doubts, can i do this, do i dare to place myself in front row? In prayer she askes the Lord for a sign op paper. And she gets that. Her first album "Praise His Name" is a big succes. She becomes ambassador of the medical helporganisation Mercy Ships.

After giving birth to her youngest child she gets severe stomachproblems. One operation follows another. When balancing between life and death,  she talks a lot to God and she gets a very direct question:

"Kirsten, where do you want to sing, in heaven for My throne, or on earth for My throne? "

This motivates her to fight for her health and to do everything she can to record her second CD in Nashville under the guidance of the famous pianist and producer Gordon Mote. This book is an eventful account of her life that God has woven a golden thread through. It is an encouragement for all who are in a difficult situation, but want to be comforted by God's hand

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