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I’ve got joy

written by Marshall Hall, Rebecca Isaacs-Bowman, Sonya Isaacs


Jesus washed away my sins Payed the price, and now I’m His

He promised us in His Holy pages He’d walk with us through the endless ages


And I’ve got joy that makes me laugh Joy that makes the angels sing

Joy that is alive, Joy that changes everything


Joy like a rushing water, Joy like a flowing fountain Joy unspeakable joy,

Hallelujah I’ve got joy


I once was lost but now I’m found My feet are set on solid ground

He leads me through the darkest dawn His joy is a light down in my heart



Don’t let me miss the glory

written by Joe Beck & Carl Cartee


In the view of the mountains, There’s a story to be told

In the crashing of the ocean, there’s a power that no men will ever hold

All the stars in the heavens, decorate Your handy work

And like a mighty choir, they’ve come to celebrate Your worth!


Don’t let me miss the glory Don’t let me miss the praise

All creation is singing to the honor of Your name

Don’t let me miss the wonder Don’t let me miss the grand design

And the lightning and the thunder, Lord open up my eyes

Don’t let me miss the glory


In the cry of a baby In the laughter of love

In the dance of the faithful. You will find the greatness of our God above

In the prayer of the righteous In the beauty of Your grace

In a brand new morning’s mercy, all Your memories of my sins have been erased



I don’t wanna cry

Sheri Easter


Life can get you down so low Leave you wandering all alone

But if you have the will to stand He’ll reach out to hold your hand


So I don’t wanna be alone, I don’t wanna cry till dawn

I just wanna hold Your hand, knowing that You’ll understand

You’ve always given love so free, Reaching out to carry me

So I don’t wanna be alone, I don’t wanna cry


Reaching out for someone’s hand Hoping they will understand

God will hold you when you cry Wiping every tear from your eye



There is nothing greater than grace

Marshall Hall, Sam Mizell and Anthonio Phelon.


What do you say to someone who feels like they’ve lost it all

Over the edge with no one there to catch their fall

And what do you say to someone who feels so unloved

Giving themselves away a little bit everyday just to be good enough

And what do you say to a hopeless soul, who can’t remember their way home

And everything is out of their control


There is no valley, there is no darkness

There is no sorrow, greater than the grace of Jesus

There is no moment, there is no distance

There is no heartbreak He can’t take you through

So before you think that you’re too lost to save

Remember, there is nothing greater than grace


What do you say to someone, whose life is on the line

And they’re unsure what happens after their last breath in time

And what do you say to someone whose build a wall you can’t get trough

And it’s so hard for them to hear the truth


So don’t lose hope, don’t let go

Don’t give up, you are not alone




Praise His name

Words and music by Bruce Haynes & Lee Hendrix


When you’re up against a wall, and your mountain seems so tall

And you realize that life’s not always fair

You can run away and hide, let the old man decide

Or you can change your circumstances with a prayer


When everything falls apart, praise His name

When you have a broken heart, raise your hands and say:

“Lord You’re all I need, You’re everything to me “

And He’ll take the pain away

And when it seems you’re all alone, praise His name

When you feel you can’t go on, just raise your hands and say:

“greater is He that is within me”

And you can praise the hurt away

If you’ll just praise His name


Oh, you can overcome By the blood of the lamb  And by the word of your testimony

You’ll see the darkness go, as your faith begins to grow You’re not alone,

so how can you be lonely



We don’t always understand

Words and music by Amy Nicole Lewis & Laura Kaczor


Their whole future, little hands little feet No explanation Just wasn’t mend to be

So they hold on to the promise: “everything, even this has a purpose somehow “


Keep on believing, He is good in all things, But we don’t always understand

Keep on praying, even if all your saying is: “take this from my hands”

Lord I know You’ve got a plan, But we don’t always understand


It’s always different, for everybody That inevitable something that brings us to our knees

When our strength is failing, and our hope is fading

He reminds us that He loves us, and He knows our suffering




Jesus your name be lifted High

Original by W.J. Kirkpatrick, Arrangement by Kirsten Alting & Jan Peter Bijersbergen,

Renewed  words by Andrea de Jager


Jesus Your name be lifted high In Heaven earth and sky

Creation bows before Your throne And satan flees in fear


We surely have no other plea ‘t is He who makes us free

His death alone has made the way He died for you and me


His name brings hope to fearful hearts Those filled with doubt and pain

He turns their sorrow into joy So pure and heavenly


Until my final Hour has come, i'll honor Him with Praise

He brought atonement through the cross, my Saviour Lord and King!



Storm smoother                                     

 Dixie & Sharon Phillips


I place my problems in Your hands, And lay my worries at Your feet

Cast my cares on Your shoulders, ‘cause Your hearts beats for me


Your my soul soother, storm smoother Heart mender, defender

There’s no stormy circumstance  that can’t be calmed by Your strong hands

Your my storm smoother


I roll my burdens on Your back, Place my mistakes under Your blood

Plant my feet on Your promises ‘Cause Your love is enough


I won’t worry about the waves,  cause I’ve covered by Your grace,

Winds must bow before Your will, when You whisper: “Peace be still”



At the foot of the cross

Music: Luca Genta, Kirsten Alting

Lyrics: Kirsten Alting


Sometimes I feel afraid I think I’ve lost my way

So far away from home and there’s no one I’m on my own


You say “Don’t be afraid” I’ll be there all the way

I’ll take away your pain and I’ll free you from all the blame


At the foot of the cross is the place I belong

I surrender all to You And I’ll give You my life

At the foot of the cross


You’ve set me free from sin and cleansed my heart from within

my depts  have all been payed and I’m rescued and freed all by grace.



Day by day

Christa N Wells, Tiffany Arbuckle Lee


I'm Not Unhappy, but I'll take the train today

If you'd let me, if you'd let me

They may be clapping for me, but I wait

For you to come get me, come come and get me


'Cause day by day You're coming closer

Making our way clearer and straighter

Turning our faces into the Light

And I can't wait to fall at Your glory

On my face, God of the morning

You're coming closer day by day


Somebody told me I could travel the world

To find beauty, to find beauty

But to behold it I would have to carry it with me, yeah within me


Give me a mission if I've still got the time

'Cause I'm open, yeah I'm open

Be my vision and I'll be your delight because I’m going wherever you’ll going.



In everything give thanks

Sheri Easter, Aaron Wilburn


In everything give thanks With all your heart give praise

For the Lord we serve will never let you down

In everything give thanks With all your heart believe

That the lord can take a circumstance And turn it all around


When you want sunshine to brighten up your day

But, you find the clouds rain on your parade,

Don’t forget somewhere, someone you may not know,

Is thanking God for a rain, to make the crops grow


When troubles trouble you And you think life’s not fair

When you need someone And there’s no one there

Remember all the times that you feel alone

Are the times He’ll use to make you strong!



Unlikelies – featuring Gordon Mote

Dixie & Sharon Phillips , Bert Johnson


God of abandoned, rejected, betrayed.

God of the hopeless brought life to this clay.

God of aborted, unwanted, and  plain

God of the children, who never get named.


God of unlikelies and God of no chance.

Bids beggars to banquets and cripples to dance.

God of unlikelies chose unlikely me

To be part of His family.


God of the orphaned, fatherless, and despised.

God of the desperate gives light to the blind.

God of the lonely, forgotten, and sad.

God of the broken makes wounded hearts glad.


God of unlikelies never gives up on a diamond in the rough.

God of unlikelies never gives up on a diamond still uncut.